IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS Fire Alarm

IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS Addressable Fire Alarm Control with Emergency Voice System Now Available!

The 5820XL-EVS is an addressable fire alarm control panel with an integrated emergency communication system.   One control provides addressable fire alarm protection, voice evacuation, and mass notification.  The 5820XL-EVS is UL 864 listed as a fire alarm control panel and UL 2572 listed as an emergency communication system.  Expandable to 500 Watts of power using distributed amplifiers.  The EVS-RCU Remote Command Unit meets NFPA 72 requirements for LOC (Local Operator Console).  The 5820XL-EVS is the smartest way of integrating a fire alarm control panel with voice evacuation or emergency communication system.

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